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Marriage Da Garriage

  • Marriage Da Garriage

    Starring : Navraj Hans, Keeya Khanna, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Sharma, Shakti Kapoor, Upaasna Singh, Razzak Khan,
    Deepak Raja & Razia Sukhbir
    Director : Jaswinder Singh
    Screenplay : Gaurav Bhalla & Jaswinder Singh
    Story : Sardool Rathore
    Music : Gurmeet Singh
    Producers : 30TY Group Productions

    Marriage da Garriage is a New Punjabi Movie directed by Jaswinder Singh. Like Most of the Punjabi Films, Marriage da Garriage is also a Comedy Film.

    Marriage de garriage is the debut film of both Navraj Hans and Keeya khanna. Navraj Hans is the Elder Son of famous Punjabi Singer Hans Raj Hans and Brother of Yuvraj Hans. Navraj Hans has followed the footsteps of his younger brother as like him he started his carrier as a singer and then turned into an actor. Yuvraj Hans has impressed the audience with his mind blowing performance in movies like Yaar Anmulle.

    Along with Navraj Hans and Keeya Khanna, the other two main characters in the film are played by comedy kings of Punjab Jaswinder Bhalla and B N Sharma.

    Synopsis : Jaswinder Bhalla is Playing role of Chabbi and B N Sharma is Playing the role of Paanna. Chabbi and Paanna were in jail for 10 years and now its been 3 years that they are released from the jail. After spending 10 years in Jail they decided to change their business and decided to do a new business named "Marriage da garriage